Therapist Directory

Here is a list of practitioners/therapists based in Melbourne that I would recommend. They have skills working with BIPOC and/or Queer Folx. This is, of course, not an exhaustive list and continues to be updated. Click on each name to be directed to more information. If you are a therapist or know of a therapist that should be added, please email

Here is information about how to get the most out of therapy. Therapy is an investment of your time, emotional energy, and money, these are a few things you can do to make that investment count.

At Pola PracticeTigist Kebede  , Avrille Burrows , Sanduni Silva  – Placement Student from August 2022

South Sudanese Australian Minds  (resource)

External Therapists

Therapy Hub ( Therapy Practice)

Mr. Halakhe Ganyu

Marit Demissie

Steph Basia

Smruthy Nair

Bimba Chavan

Alexandre Jodun

Emma Sestan

Jaya Narayan

Shikha Gray

Chenai Mupotsa-Russell

Reeham Hakem

Walter Carter

Marie Vakakis

Kathomi Gatwiri PhD