Sampa The Great x Pola Psychology

Sampa the Great and Pola Psychology are partnering to make sure African youth can access culturally safe, appropriate and responsive mental health care.
“At a time when it is needed the most, this is not just about raising the much needed funds, but also about letting my friends and the wider African and black community know that this service exists.”    
-Sampa The Great


Socio-economic factors should not limit an individual’s access to appropriate mental health therapy, but unfortunately, that is an issue at the moment. Often, resources are hard to come by, afford, or find the appropriate mental health professional who can practice in a culturally responsive way, so we are looking to reduce some of these hurdles. With the launch of Sampa the Great’s “Time’s Up” video clip, we wanted to shed a light on the struggles that young African people are experiencing and raise funds to make sure there is no barrier to receiving the support and care they need.  All funds will be used to cover the therapy cost for African youth with a recommended therapist or one of their choosing. We hope to raise $20,000 to pay for a year of therapy for 16 African Youth. 
This Programme is now Full.