Tigist, M. Counselling, BA

Tigist Kebede (She/ Her)

Counsellor, Facilitator, Mental Health Content Creator



Tigist is a counsellor who lives and works in Naarm (Melbourne). Tigist has a master in counselling and has a work history in the field of complex trauma, particularly in the areas of family/domestic violence and sexual assault.

As a person of colour, Tigist can understand the societal, systemic and institutional oppression that exists for minoritised people. While each person’s experience is unique, Tigist understands how daily acts of oppression can impact on ones physical, emotional, and mental health.She is a passionate advocate for equitable practices and employs an anti-oppressive and intersectional lens when working with clients.

Her work is primarily directed at addressing power and privilege, supporting minoritised people and employing trauma informed practices.Ultilizing an array of therapeutic approaches and interventions which include three phased approach to trauma, cognitive behavioural therapy, and narrative therapy, Tigist can work with clients to address a wide range of issues including depression, anxiety, sexual assault/abuse, family violence, work-related stress, grief, and loss.Tigist acknowledges her privilege in working alongside clients during their therapeutic journey and places the client-therapist relationship in the forefront of all her work.

Cost: $130 for weekday sessions, $150 weekend and after hours sessions

NOTE: It is not possible to claim Medicare rebates (or Bulk bill) or Private Health rebates with Tigist. You cannot use a GP Mental Health plan and you need to pay the full session fee for sessions.